About Nectar Farm

Nectar Farm was established in 2019 and began selling in 2020. We are located just outside of Bunn in Franklin County North Carolina growing annual and perennial flowers and herbs on about one acre of land with plenty of room to expand in the future. In addition to cut flowers we grow culinary and bittering herbs, have egg laying chickens and are trying to keep bees.

Nectar Farm was named based on our first business plan which only included culinary and bittering herbs with a plan to focus on bittering beer without hops (aka gruit) and having enough bees (and honey) to produce mead. After more research and hops conferences, and making a couple of batches of mead that taste like rocket fuel…. the business plan has changed today to include and focus on cut flowers, but the name still fits!

Definition of nectar

1a: the drink of the Greek and Roman gods b: something delicious to drink c: a beverage of fruit juice and pulp

2: a sweet liquid that is secreted by the nectaries of a plant and is the chief raw material of honey

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