Our Team

Lana Szczepanski

Owner and Farmer

Lana was born into a military family (Air Force) in Biloxi, Mississippi and spent most of her life traveling through the USA, with herbs and perennials on porches in at every stop. Her degree is in business administration and she is a licensed CPA who has worked in the construction industry for 17 years. In 2017, after 19 years in Colorado, Lana moved with her husband Nick, to North Carolina and purchased a home in Franklin County that came with chickens and a coop! The rest of this story is still developing!

Nick Szczepanski

Co-Owner and Dog Wrangler

Nick Szczepanski is the jack-of-all-trades for repairs and construction on the farm. He was born into a military family (Seabees) and met Lana in high school in Mississippi and has been traveling with her since they married in 1989. Nicks day job is with Variety Wholesalers in Henderson, NC managing logistics and distribution and is a process efficiency expert. Nick never dreamed of a flower farm, but the dream is growing on him!